Monday, July 18, 2005


I've been looking around town for fruit in public places to pick. There's a lot of that kind of thing here. All of these older houses have apple or cherry or pear trees around them that some previous owner planted, and every year, the fruit just falls to the ground, uneaten. It's rare that I pick anything from in front of somebody's house, since it's in an ethical gray area, though legally speaking it's in the public right of way and not on their property (just FYI). Mainly, I look around at the public parks.

Right now, I see figs forming all over town, halfway full. The blackberries at Mount Tabor are blooming and setting fruit, though none of them are anywhere near ripe yet. Same with the apple trees. The pears that I used for pear butter (three little trees in an industrial area, next to the sidewalk, beside a glass factory) last year in are full of small fruits. It'll be another bumper crop. Unfortunately, the pears at Mount Tabor seem to be MIA. Still, it looks like another year of frenzied fall canning. Can't wait!


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