Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Caruthers ICU

Thyme saved
I soaked some rescued thymes from the community garden in buckets of water, and most of them eventually came back to life. Several of them were just decorative varieties, rather than culinary. I planted attractive pairs in some large flower pots in front of the house, with a purple oregano/furry thyme combo, a Wedgewood (culinary) thyme & golden (decorative) thyme combo, and an English (culinary) thyme all alone to give to Evan. One Mother-of-Thyme plant, a groundcover, was put in the ground in the median strip next to my cannas.

I soaked some spelt berries from the grocery store, and as they began to sprout, I cast them in three large, unused beds in the shadier spots of the yard. I'm hoping for interesting fall foliage. They're where I previously put the amaranth, coleus, and other sunflower seeds, all of which refused to sprout in the extended cool weather.

Reproductive cycles
Practically everything is either blooming or producing seeds right now. The purple cosmos are in full bloom, as are the wild carrots. The nasturtiums are forming fat seed pods, the cannas too, and the little blue mystery flowers that I put in the copper kettle are going to seed too. Sadly, they have stopped flowering.


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