Sunday, July 17, 2005

Guerilla Garden annex

There's a little edge of parched earth along our fence in the parking lot next door, which is for a bar. Every so often, a landscaping crew of young Mexicans comes along to mow the grass and kill weeds. So far "weeds" has included a lot of what I have planted in the little dry strip. However, a three foot stretch of calendulas has been allowed to survive, and they are large, healthy, and in full bloom.

Yesterday, I quickly executed my next horticultural intervention. I stuck in a row of comfreys that I dug out of my garden at Reed, where they grow quite agressively as a weed. As long as there's some root left, there's no getting rid of comfrey, and that's why I chose it for the Guerrilla Garden anex. I also laid down a scavenged soaker/drip hose to ensure success. When they start looking nice, I'll maybe take some pictures and post them.

Here's more about comfrey:

a good comfrey picture

Info from

More info from the Alternative Field Crops Manual


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