Sunday, July 24, 2005

1st sunflower

I've got my first sunflower blooming right now in the sideyard. Took long enough! But at least it got here in time for the White Trash party.

Also looks like my first tomatos are ripening at Caruthers Street. Otherwise, just more blooming and growing there.

At Reed, I dug the last of my red potatos about two days ago. I got, maybe, 5-7 pounds of beautiful, smooth, thin skinned red spuds. Picked more snowpeas, which seems to never stop giving. While there, for the sake of neatness, I dug out the three old kales.

Glads & Garlic
My elephant garlics have all bloomed and the floral orbs are huge. I cut two of them to take home. Also, the mystery bulbs bloomed finally, and they're gladiolas, which I suspected. Yellow. Very pretty. I cut the two stalks that had bloomed and took those home as well.


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